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Wildblood: A Novel by Lauren Blackwood

I loved Lauren Blackwood’s debut novel, so I knew I was going to love this novel, and it didn’t disappoint! Wild animals are treated below humans and enslaved to lead tourists into the jungle.
The way Lauren Blackwood has such a fresh and unique voice always shines through in each of her books.
Victoria, the heart of the book, is everything. I want to hug her; she deserves the world. Her life is one pain after another. Her story is unfolding. It’s not easy, and sometimes it feels like shedding a layer of skin instead of opening up a new world, but that’s what growing up feels like sometimes, in a world that’s letting you down. It’s been special to see her journey and see how much her heart has changed while still being true to her, who she is. She has a special place in my heart.
I Love Everything ending gave me goosebumps that lasted an hour after I finished.

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