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The Raven Moonstone by VJ Garske

Interesting book that didn’t have to be different to get peoples attention. I feel that too many authors try that. 

Instead of going a commercial and oversaturated direction with her novel, VJ skillfully sidesteps the song of the epic world-building siren instead choosing to focus her craft on delivering a flawless dark fantasy book that does not underdeliver. She dances nimbly between plot development, character dialogue and tension, setting the stage for then executing a breathtaking ride into the world of magic.

Appropriately titled, her ravens play a critical role in the protagonist’s journey from the outset. Her introduction of them into the story lands brilliantly, continuing to thrill as you progress though her tale seamlessly. For some books, the joy of what you’re reading can stall out. For hers, your fingers will be eagerly waiting their turn to bring on the next page while your mind races to catch up to them.

I really love stories for teenagers that not only have an exciting plot, but also teach important things in life. This is just such a story. The story of high-school senior Noah, told in a fantasy style, shows how, event after event, he learns his abilities, learns to forgive and cope with difficulties.

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