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Beverly Lewis continues to impress with her thoughtful journey and tender romance in her latest novel, The Orchard. In this mid-20th-century story, readers follow the lives of Amish twins Ellie and Evan and their father, Lyle. Together the family owns and operates an apple orchard while passionately following God. They’re living a quaint life in an orchard, and everything seems easy until it’s revealed that Evan signed up for the draft rather than conscientious objector. Now the family faces new personal challenges and new judgments from Bird’s close-knit Amish community. Evan’s preparations for going to war dovetailed perfectly with Ellie’s preparations for officially joining the Church through baptism. This slide is an excellent driver of the plot as the reader works through chapter by chapter.Show Changes

The novel quickly turns into a bunch of divergent directions and tender dramas that beautifully intertwine, happily taking the reader between Amish politics, 1960s civil unrest, and Ellie’s slowly unfolding romance at home. between. With new knowledge of attacks on young Amish men amid religious opposition to conscription, the stakes will only get higher.

The novel is a beautiful glimpse into Amish culture, and it’s even more interesting to read against the backdrop of Vietnam’s turbulent times. After reading these pages, readers may even be eager to see the sequel detailing the next few chapters. Overall, this apple orchard-centric story is a recommended choice for any reader looking for the best of Lewis’ work.

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