The most popular books in 2023 – The Maid: A Novel by Nita Prose

I was lucky enough to hear the author speak about her book at a conference. She talked about the way we fail to “see” the people who play a small role in our lives and how we accept their services while ignoring their existence.

I’m a people person and I know my mail woman, my lottery clerk, and my barista’s by name. I’m weird that way. The main character is a maid in a posh hotel. She’s invisible until she discovers a body in one of the rooms she cleans. (No, I haven’t ruined the story for you – the rest of the book revolves around this incident.) the Maid is charming and dedicated, proud, of her job and her place in the “posh” hotel. I enjoyed her innocence and trust in a world not so innocent and trustworthy. The other character worthy of note in the novel is the deceased grandmother who I was totally drawn to: she left the Maid a wealth of wise sayings and a way to work though life. I heard echoes of my own father in this wonderful character.

I loved the book. We will all fall in love with Molly because she was perfectly developed and more importantly, treated with respect but not pity by the author. Just great!

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