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The most popular books in 2023 – “Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover

I loved every single thing about this book. I never felt so much frustration, anger, and pain all at once for a character ever. Colleen knew exactly what she was doing when writing this book.

What an emotional read. Kenna lost everything the night of the accident. She has been released from prison and the only thing that she wants is to be part of her daughter’s life but that isn’t going to be easy. Ledger can’t believe that she is here and he isn’t too sure what he is meant to do. She isn’t what he was expecting and her believes that she deserves a chance to see her daughter but he knows that he is about going to hurt too many people. He has given up everything for them and he knows that he is going go have to make a hard choice. Kenna only wants everyone to be happy and if that means that she needs to leave she will even if it breaks her. Will she be given a chance to prove how sorry she is? Or will it be too late?
Kenna was a young woman when she made the wrong choice she has suffered so much. She never made excuses for what happened. She is a strong woman now that only wants a chance to be a mother. Ledger is in a tough spot as he doesn’t want to hurt the people that he cares about. They are a good couple.

It was an experience I’m glad I had. A very good read.

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