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The most popular books in 2023 – Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo

I really thought i was racing through ninth house when i was reading it but having just finished hell bent, i can say i DEVOURED that book like nothing despite doing my most amount of reading on the two days i was working. this book is one i can gladly say that the sequel held up to its expectations and went beyond them too and didn’t fall into the whole “sequel is worse than the first book” thing that can happen in a multiple-books series. the mystery aspect was just as fun to attempt to unravel, however it wasn’t as much of a focal point in this book as it was in ninth house for two reasons. 1) ninth house’s mystery helped to build the secret world the book was set in as well as giving us a backstory to many characters. 2) the main focus of this book was clearly about bringing back darlington from hell so of course there was going to be more of a focus on that part of the book’s plot whilst still leaning into the whole murder mystery very well.

I don’t want to say too much about Hell Bent, especially with the way that Ninth House ended, but it delivered everything I wanted from it whilst still making me want more.

Bardugo’s writing felt more settled in this book, like there was less to prove to the haters who scoffed at her move to adult fic when NH came out. The majority of people who pick up this book are going to pick it up because they liked NH, and I really felt like Bardugo had written it for us. There was a lot more humour in HB, which I think served in Alex’s favour. She’s still an “unlikable female character ” – whatever that means – but the fight was really nicely balanced with the levity. I liked that she really started to rely on the people around her too, instead of continuing her lone-wolf approach, there was a lot of growth for her in this book. And, Alex is the only character I feel like I can vaguely talk about this early before release because everyone else would feel too spoilery to me. However, I will say that there were some scenes in this book that had me kicking my feet, squealing and highlighting like a maniac (if you know me and my reading tastes you can probably guess what I’m referring to here.) I loved every minute it of it and I wish I had book 3 to immediately dive into. I can’t wait to listen to this on audio when it’s released.

Yale being an even bigger main character this time around was also an utter delight to read. I hope the finished copy has a map of the parts we desperately need a map of though because I ended up having my kindle in one hand whilst my other was googling layouts of buildings, courtyards and libraries. I have such a mighty need to see that whole set piece play out on film – I think it would be such a feast for the eyes.

Also, the rabbit is not only just that amazing, creepy and provocative cover, but also very important.

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