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The most popular books in 2023 – Happy Place by Emily Henry

Congratulations to emily henry, for writing what is probably not just the best book of her career yet but also one of the best romance books to come in 2023.

Emily henry is behind my impossible romantic standards it’s true!

i’ll be doing a mini review for this on my romance picks in december and my full review will be coming in early 2023💓💓.

it’s moments like this where I am reminded what it is to feel so utterly human. when I read a book that demands every bit of my attention until the final page, and exercises every dormant emotion my body has the capacity for. this book spoke to every part of me, both in this universe and in universes that never were, due to the decisions i’ve chosen to make or otherwise. a story that explores parental, platonic, and romantic love so deeply that there is virtually no way to not feel singled out by it. I feel emotionally drained, dramatic, therapized, and entirely wrung out. this is what reading is about.

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