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The most popular books in 2023 – Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is an anti-trope rom com about two people working in the publishing industry, their rivalry, and unlikely friendship when they find themselves spending time in the same small town. Nora Stephens is known as a cutthroat publicist who will do whatever she needs to do for her clients’ success. Having lost her mom at a young age and becoming responsible for her baby sister has hardened Nora to love. Her sole focus has been on making sure that she, her sister, and now her nieces never want for anything. When her sister suggests an extended vacation in a small town that one of her client’s books was based on, she reluctantly agrees and even puts on a smile for the bucket list her sister has declared they must complete. What she doesn’t expect is to find her nemesis working at the local bookstore.

I adored this book! Emily Henry has cemented herself as an auto-buy author for me. I have yet to be disappointed by anything she’s written. This one is no exception. I absolutely loved the opening and was hooked instantly. This story opens on Nora running late for a business luncheon with our soon-to-be nemesis and love interest. Why she is running late though is what made me laugh. She’s being dumped over the phone by yet another boyfriend who took a vacation or business trip to a small town and found his true love there. Sound familiar? It should because it’s what happens in every small town romance and almost all the holiday Hallmark romcoms. Nora has cast herself as the city girlfriend who all those guys dump in the movies.

I loved Charlie. In many ways he’s like me. A stranger in his own family. He has the same dry sense of humour as Nora (and myself), and I found myself rooting for them almost immediately. Their banter was top tier: simultaneously hilarious with wicked sharp retorts but also hot as sin; and it always felt authentic (I have entire pages annotated). The chemistry was incredible. This is slow burn, enemies-to-lovers/soulmates done right. But more than that, this is a story of self-acceptance, and of sisterhood. I probably cried non-stop for the final ten chapters. That, for me, is the sign of a great book. Book Lovers is a story of two of them trying to find that perfect last page.

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