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The most popular books in 2023: Maame by Jessica George

Jessica George’s incredible debut features a very real central protagonist in the irresistible 20-year-old Maddie Wright, and she will keep you hooked. It’s a lively and witty story about family, race, culture, womanhood, growing up, self-development with all its joys and pains, and feeling safe about identity.
Maame is a fantastically fresh, gripping and powerful novel! It’s about family, grief, self growth, guilt, regret, new beginnings! Inspirational, unforgettable, unique, playing a beautiful melody with heartstrings, embracing your soul, presenting a different way!

Maddie’s overbearing mother spends a lot of time running a hotel in Ghana, and her brother is of little help in caring for her father, who has terminal Parkinson’s disease. When her mother returns, Maddie takes the opportunity to leave home and move into a shared apartment to start a new life, doing the best she can in her work and personal life. Maddie is naive and has no self-esteem. She goes through life’s natural ups and downs, including betrayal, until she’s hit by tragedy that plunges her into a world of guilt when she hits rock bottom. The narrative lets Maddie explore how being “Maame” shaped her expectations as a “female” in advance, how her family viewed her and her relationships, and, perhaps more importantly, how she viewed the sense of identity she shaped. It’s time to change everything, and Maddie becomes who she wants to be.

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