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The most popular books in 2023: Happenstance by Tessa Bailey Review


I love reading multi-partner stories, and this one seems to line up with others I’ve read. Boy was I wrong. much better.

Elise meets three handsome strangers, and before long, the men’s desire for her, and her desire for them, is undeniable. Sounds like the book is from the Sexy Age, doesn’t it? yes and no. This story isn’t just about sex. It’s about relationships and how relationships bring out the best in everyone.

I love how all four characters (Elise, Banks, Gabe and Tobias) are complete strangers from the start. I love telling parts of the story from each of their perspectives. I love how the writers delve into each character’s strengths and weaknesses, and how those traits affect their quads.

There is so much emotion in HAPPENSTANCE. From giggling out loud and having to put the book down and gasping for breath, to being hot as hell, wet, rock your world, and I’m jealous of sex, to tearing up my eyes with happy emotions… oops . This story is serious.

The book is about three men who happen to meet a woman and have a major case of lust. It’s a super quick read mixed with some suspense and some laughs and some spice!
It’s definitely not a slow process, and you’re jumping straight into their relationship without building a relationship. The ending was quick too, I could have made more use of her life after the mystery part was done!

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