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The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama

In The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, Michelle Obama has an honest dialogue with her readers as she faces her own vulnerabilities. During the pandemic lockdown, she picked up knitting to keep her thoughts and hands moving forward quite like Madame Defarge in The Tale of Two Cities. Women have found great calm and comfort in this art form during stressful times, for centuries.

Michelle Obama then gives a list of tools that have been helpful to her as she navigated both the White House years and the post White House years. She has given herself permission to feel uncertain as most people do at varying points. That is when she relies on her closet friends when they have their Kitchen Table talks, or she exercises, walks, or talks things through with her husband and family.

She looks back over her life when she was often a minority or the only person of color in the room. But her mother prepared her to think for herself and as a kindergartener, she set her own alarm clock and walked to school alone, a short distance away. She learned how to be independent, solve problems and was allowed to voice her opinions at home. She was being prepped for her future role as First Lady of the United States.

This book encourages its readers by giving them a host of antidotes to dealing with low self-esteem and shows readers how to survive and excel. The Light We Carry should be on every young professional’s bookshelf or Kindle!

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