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The Book of Longings: A Novel by Sue Monk Kidd

A triumph of women and beautiful story!

The idea of the novel is compelling, wife of Jesus. However it goes beyond the stories we do often here. The writing shines not alone on Jesus but the women so many at that time, and now, who have been silenced. A boldened empowerment and immersive story. One of the best books I’ve read.

Raised as a Christian, I was slightly uncomfortable with the idea of Jesus being married. If that is your feeling as well, do not let that hinder you from reading this book. It is a part of the story but is handled delicately and with taste. There is so much more to this book.

I cannot express enough how I enjoyed the writing style of the author. She paints vividly with her words and sends you senses on a journey. I found myself savoring sentences and slowing down to read things over, for the beauty of her prose. It’s a book that I lingered over, taking time to let it all soak in. If this were a bubble bath, it would be the perfect temperature with just the right amount of bubbles, candles flickering and utter peaceful relaxation.

Read it! You won’t be disappointed.

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