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Ship Wrecked: A Novel by Olivia Dade

Maria and Peter have a literal steamy meet-cute – in a sauna! They spend a passionate night together, and Maria ghosts Peter to avoid complications. Maria isn’t going to get away easily from the encounter because the next day, she learns some news. The good news is that she won a role in the epic fantasy television series, “Gods of the Gates.” The bad news is that her co-star is Peter, her one-night stand from the night before.

Professionalism triumphs and Maria and Peter form a tentative friendship during their six-year roles. They soldier through arduous working conditions and the isolation of their rugged worksite in rural Ireland. Their chemistry simmers and begins to boil toward the series finale.

The high-profile series allows Maria and Peter to become role models for body positivity and diverse casting. As their roles conclude, their diverging career paths create conflicts, and an uneasy relationship falters. Maria is likely to return to her native Sweden, and Peter will go back to work in LA.

Dade created Maria, Peter, and other delightful characters in her previous works. Their starring roles in this work don’t disappoint. Great dialogue and imaginative scenes make for a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend “Ship Wrecked” and the other two books in this charming series, “Spoiler Alert” and “All the Feels.” They’re all winners!

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