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Scales of Ash & Smoke by Emily Schneider

 My new favorite dragon book!!

My full review will be coming later, but for now I will rave that this book blew me away!! The dragon magic was stunning. The characters were all well developed and lovable. The plot was interesting and moved so smoothly, and I was so impressed by the writing. You will not be disappointed by this book! I can’t wait to read the second!!!

This was a new take on dragon fantasy and I loved it!!

The world building was a seamless creation as we meet Kaida, a human who is a slave owned by dragons. Her strength and courage are her best assets. Although at times her fear of dragons presents itself, she begins to break through the chains that have held her prisoner for so long and grow into her own person.

Tarrin is a shapeshifting dragon who is able to take on a human form. He is a prince and it shows in his confidence and magical abilities. Although a little cocky Tarrin has a heart of gold!

I loved the relationship between Kaida and Tarrin as they had to navigate her fear and his reluctance. They make an incredible team together!!

Overall this story had the perfect amount of romance and interconnected relationships between characters I didn’t see coming. I was planning to read this entire series in paperback but I couldn’t wait for the next book and already downloaded it to my kindle. Be warned these books are addictive in the best way!!!

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