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Review: The Targaryen Dynasty: The House of the Dragon by George R. R. Martin

Great Book! If You’re a Collector Please Read!!!

The book is great and I totally recommend it! Just like Fire & Blood except it’s more broken down & summarized, beautiful artwork & slightly taller than an Algebra textbook.
If You’re a Collector: What I don’t recommend is buying it from Amazon. It was important to me to get my hands on a first edition. A $60 tome of beautiful pictures & outstanding writing that one day will be worth much more. However, Amazon facilities don’t respect the importance of how to deliver an item like this. When it arrived it wasn’t wrapped, the edges weren’t protected and it was just thrown in a box. As if I just bought a mass market paperback. The corners of my book were worn to the white underneath cover & there’s scuffs on both covers where you can see scuffs. The box was too too big,leaving the book to freely slide all around. There were no air packs, bubble wrap or anything else to protect it. They aren’t noticeable unless I point them out but that’s beside my point. The options with Amazon are refund or exchange but I don’t want either because I wanted mine to be among the earliest printed and build my own collection with the future volumes. I’m going to keep it. If you’re buying the first edition as a collector, I do suggest purchasing it in an actual bookstore. That’s what I’ll be doing in the future. I look forward to the future volumes.

I love the illustrations! So beautiful!

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