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It Starts with Us: A Novel (It Ends with Us) by Colleen Hoover 

All endings have new beginnings.

I found this story deeply moving and although we had a bit of a wait for the final end , it was so worth it. This author certainly knows how to write a deeply emotionally charged story , that is not only tender and loving, but also some of the content is dark and fearsome. Domestic violence, child abuse and neglect are not easy topics to incorporate in a romance novel, but Colleen has managed it with understanding and compassion. Lily may have been a victim, but motherhood has made her a lot stronger, and less able to be manoeuvred into a dreadful situation. Atlas although a victim
of neglect and abuse as a child , has grown into a caring , kind , considerate, loving man. The story is so well written, and side characters such as Josh and Theo, are also worried teenage souls who defy life and become admirable people. As ever well worth 5 stars. Some people may find the content disturbing, some may not realise how common it can be behind closed doors. It’s not a disease as such but a severe problem for all, that knows no social boundaries. It happens in all walks of life, poor and rich, educated and uneducated, and this novel
highlights this. The sort of book that leaves you thinking.

I can’t put into words how much I loved this book, it’s exactly what I needed to read after It Ends With Us. I couldn’t put the book down and I was so so worried what could happen, we all know Colleen likes a plot twist!! Without giving any spoilers at all, it’s a beautiful story and Atlas is the ultimate book boyfriend. I love their relationship so so much and seeing things from Atlas’s point of view really opened up the story. Amazing book! 10/10 – I didn’t want it to end

SUCH a good ending. After the first book and the emotional roller coaster that it was, putting you through the whole gamut, I needed the less stressful and more full love story.

I so appreciated all of the validations in this book for not just Lily’s decisions but her acknowledgments that she was one of the very lucky ones that had SUPPORT. I know this was a story that was close to Colleen’s heart based on her note in the last book so I know she is all too aware of how most abusive relationships isolate the victim so they don’t see a way out. It was inspiring to see her navigate her and her daughter’s new life after the divorce and thoroughly realistic in her entire thought processes and struggles. I hope this book inspires others to make the same difficult decision. I know it isn’t relatable to every situation, but it was completely relatable to mine.

Lily wasn’t the only one, sorry. Josh and Atlas’s stories were amazing and the decisions they also had to make were just as difficult and heartbreaking. I especially loved the car scene and the sapling revelation 💕 I appreciate Atlas’s backstory as well, explaining his side of her journal entries and what they mean to him was very endearing and helped immensely with the wrap up of their love story.

This book was not nearly as hard to read as the last book (I only mean that it didn’t cause me anxiety). It was smooth and resolved everything without all the fanfare dramatics. It was pure happy ending and was meant to be read as such. As Colleen said, she didn’t want to put Lily through anymore stress. I appreciated that.

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