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Home Sweet Christmas: A Holiday Romance Novel – Perfect read for the holidays

Susan Mallery delivers another heartwarming romance set in the enchanting town of Wishing Tree.

When Camryn Neff’s mother died, she moved to Wishing Tree, leaving her life in Chicago behind…for the time being. She is now the guardian of her teenage twin sisters.

River Best was charmed by the quaint little town when she first visited her sister there. So charmed, she decided to stay.

Camryn and River fall in love with the all-too-perfect men. (Hey, a girl can dream!) Jake Crane catches Camryn’s eye, and she can’t resist. But Camryn plans to move back to Chicago when the twins go to college. She can’t fall in love with someone in Wishing Tree. They begin a romance with an expiration date. For River, keeping secrets is a deal breaker, and her new love Dylan Tucker has a big secret. Of course, their romances can’t come to fruition without some angst thrown in. For all four lovers, this is a story of loss and healing.

I really liked Jake’s mother. She does meddle in her son’s life, but sometimes it is needed. I had a few chuckles over her antics. And I fell in love with the little dog so adorably named Tinsel.

A small town with warm and friendly residents filled with the Christmas spirit…well, don’t you think you need to visit Wishing Tree?

Susan Mallery writes beautiful family-themed stories with happily-ever-after endings. Just what is needed for the holidays!

You will enjoy this book if you enjoy novels with close-knit families, some romance, and humor.

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