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Beautiful Game (Stag Brothers Book 5) by Lainey Davis 

Oh my gosh! We meet Hawk, a good soccer player. Through out the beginning, we learn his Mom was an addict as a teen when she got pregnant with him. He knows his biological dad is in Pennsylvania but NOT who he is. Hawk signs his contract with Tim Stag and then later there is a media interview for the new player and for their new fitness and conditioning coach Lucy (probably not the right title, but she’s a new coach on the team). One of the reporters looks pleased with himself for discovering a hotpot. Drops the news and Tim loses his shit and yells that this interviewing session is done. Hawk is trying to wrap his head around the news that came out. Meanwhile we learn more about Lucy and her son Wyatt. She left her son’s controlling father and trying to fight the system to keep the dad, Nick out of their lives.

All of the characters are wonderful(yes even the bad ones). Each has a definite purpose that either put a smile on my face or made me irritated with their actions. Of course the best ones are the secret family. I enjoyed every time they came on screen.

This is a wonderful story. Enjoyed it so much. Hope to read more about them in the future.

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