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A Place Called Home: A Memoir by David Ambroz

“A Place Called Home” is a searing story of David’s homelessness as a child, coping with a mentally ill, abusive mother, and then navigating and struggling with a foster system that is broken at best.

While we get to see David emerge beautifully from all that challenges him, it is clear he is the very rare exception, and his emergence is an indictment of the system, not a credit. It was an eye-opening look into what a child in poverty and fostering must endure. It is heartbreaking.

Written in a voice that sounds like it could be your neighbor, your colleague, your friend…even yourself…it reminded me that we never know where someone has come from and what

it might have taken for them to get there. Good for David and good for him for showing us what kids like him have had to go through.

Definitely a worthwhile read.

Read more information: https://amzn.to/3Pd2ZUc

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